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Predict Wildfire Risk

Forecast & monitor wildfire risk scenarios supported by advanced weather forecasts, ignition models, on-demand wildfire spread predictions, and impact analysis.
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Daily Wildfire Risk
and Weather Forecasts

Our platform performs hundreds of millions of fire simulations daily to derive both current, and near-term risk forecasts for service territories and critical assets.  New forecasts are derived daily to provide accurate and timely analysis of possible wildfire events. This allows you to predict and identify areas and levels of concern focusing on potential impacts to gain critical insights into current and future weather and fire danger scenarios.

  • Advanced WRF models to create 100+ hour weather and risk forecasts
  • Query and analyze real-time weather observation data
  • Historical risk profiles with 30+ years of risk metrics
Product Details
territory risk

Territory Risk

Risk is calculated continuously across the entire service territory by analyzing spread impacts from regularly spaced ignition points. This information is ideal for setting readiness levels, staging resources, and prioritizing areas of concern.

Asset Risk

Assets that are possible ignition sources, such as power lines, are analyzed with wildfire spread predictions and probability of ignition models to identify those assets that will have the greatest impacts, should they cause an ignition.

On-Demand Spread Predictions

Quickly determine the path of a fire and calculate potential impacts to support proactive planning through “what-if” scenario analysis for pending weather events. 

Each simulation assesses the likelihood of the fire escaping initial attack based on the spread, growth, and suppression difficulty characteristics. This metric aids decision-makers in determining which fire is more of a concern and where resources may be prioritized based on the spread and damage potential.

  • Advanced urban encroachment algorithms ensure accurate analysis of WUI & urban fringe
  • Initial Attack Assessment to assess the likelihood of the fire escaping initial attack
  • Real-time detection data and field observations to calibrate simulations on the fly
Product Details

Impact and
Consequence Analysis

Understanding the potential impacts and consequences of a wildfire is essential to support decision-making, especially when multiple incidents occur at a time.

Impact analysis is automatically performed with each fire spread prediction. This includes information on which asset is impacted, when it is impacted, and the level of impact. A building loss factor is also applied to determine the number of structures destroyed in addition to those threatened. Understanding potential impacts, when and where, is key information for fire professionals to determine the priorities and response tactics.

Not all ignitions, like not all fires, are created equal.

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