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Leading Clients Trust Technosylva for Their Wildfire Risk Solutions

Technosylva is the leading provider of wildfire risk mitigation solutions, helping utilities and fire agencies protect their communities and assets from the devastating effects of wildfires.
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Pacific Gas & Electric

PG&E leverages Technosylva to model wildfire risk and improve data-driven risk decision-making.

Southern California Edison

SCE uses Technosylva to better understand and act upon wildfire mitigation and asset-hardening decision-making.

San Diego Gas & Electric

SDG&E uses Technosylva to leverage historic fire weather data to better model asset wildfire risk.

Technosylva Works with USFS to Improve Situational Awareness for Wildland Firefighters

WildfireSAFE is designed to increase firefighter & fire manager situation awareness and enhance risk mitigation planning in wildland fire operations. It supports the greater interagency fire community in the planning, response, and recovery phases of wildfire management. By integrating with federal incident management systems, Wildfire SAFE applications provide an intuitive way of viewing WFAS data for specific incidents across the Nation

Liberty Utilities

Liberty uses Technosylva to improve their ability to identify and respond to potential ignition threats and support grid-hardening efforts.

Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy uses Technosylva to advance their wildfire risk modeling, ignition consequence modeling, and defining asset-hardening criteria.

Bear Valley Electric Service

Bear Valley uses Technosylva to enhance their Risk Mapping Program and gain situational awareness in their high-fire risk zones.

Technosylva Works with USFS to Bring High-Resolution Wind Simulations to the Field

WindNinja is a powerful tool for predicting wind fields in complex terrain and was developed so field personnel can benefit from these high-resolution wind forecasts on their phones and tablets. This tool provides improved capability to identify areas where local winds may impact fire behavior. This information helps fire personnel to make better fire management decisions.

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