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Predict, Mitigate, and Prevent Your Evolving Wildfire Threats

Technosylva is the leading provider of wildfire risk mitigation solutions protecting communities and assets from the devastating effects of wildfires.

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Understanding Electric Utility Wildfire Risk

A group of electric utilities are setting the standard for how to predict, mitigate, and respond to wildfire risk.

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Your Guide to Wildfire Risk

This webinar with Utility Dive explores wildfire trends, risk exposure, mitigation, and real-time response strategies.

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Learn About Our Peer-Reviewed Science

Since 2020, Technosylva has participated in over 50 peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals.

Technosylva customers include leaders such as:

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Trusted by Leading Electric
Utilities & Fire Agencies

Electric Utilities

Technosylva has been widely adopted as the industry standard for electric utilities and regulators to mitigate the risk of wildfires, protect customers and assets, and meet regulatory requirements.

  • Forecast wildfire risk and impacts associated with assets
  • A clear picture of wildfire threats across your service territory
  • Assess your mitigation effectiveness
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Fire Agencies

Technosylva is used by leading fire agencies, such as CAL FIRE, various state forestry agencies, and the US Forest Service to predict wildfire behavior, mitigate wildfire risk, and improve wildfire operations, response, and firefighter safety.

  • Comprehensive situational awareness
  • Resource and incident management
  • Collect and view real-time data from the field
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Customer Success
with Technosylva

Electric Utility ExecutiveCalifornia Utility

It’s mission critical. If we replaced it, it would be with an inferior product. There is a difference between relative risk and actual risk. The relative risk is most important – where the worst locations show up that have the highest impact to our system. The relative risk of [the] Technosylva model has incredible functionality today.

Gavin NewsomGovernor of California

Technosylva, an AI generated predictive modeling platform, has been a game changer for us.

Jon HeggieBattalion Chief, CAL FIRE

It allows us to better utilize our resources and be more efficient and effective with our choice of resources and where we use them. Not only that, but it allows us to use our ground and our air assets more effectively by understanding where are the values at risk, where the population base is, and really has saved lives.

Summeet SinghCOO, PG&E

Technosylva has been a tremendous partner to help PG&E enable unparalleled capabilities in understanding and predicting wildfire risk associated with our electric system. Their solutions leverage best in class analytics to operationalize hourly, daily and long-term decision making supporting PG&E’s unwavering mission of ensuring safety of California communities.

Geoff MarshallChief of Predictive Services, CAL FIRE

One of the layers that we can pull in is that housing layer and that population layer. So, if we do have a fire, we can actually see where those homes are in order to protect people's homes and actually evacuate them out of those areas. In general, it helps protect, not only the firefighters, but also helps protect the people in California.

Comprehensive Wildfire Risk Mitigation Platform

Advance Your Data-Driven Decision-Making

Used by customers to manage over 20,000 fire incidents a year, with over 500 million daily wildfire simulations to inform their risk mitigation solutions and responses.

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Our Mission

To Reduce the Impact of Wildfires on a Global Basis

We envision a world where the damages associated with natural disasters, like wildfires, are mitigated through proactive and actionable intelligence.

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