We’re Technosylva.

We are a wildfire science & technology company that operationalizes wildfire science providing proven wildfire risk analysis solutions that enhance daily decision making for fire agencies and utilities around the world.


We’re passionate about what we do.

Technosylva pioneered the application and adoption of wildfire risk analysis for electric utilities. Working closely with California and other western state utilities, Technosylva has developed and successfully deployed a suite of wildfire risk analysis products that are specifically tailored to meet electric utility needs. Our products provide you with detailed risk ratings for individual equipment and line segments, supporting mitigation decisions, meeting regulatory requirements, and prioritizing asset health inspections.

We additionally work with fire agencies, advancing their enterprise-wide incident & resource management tracking system across the lifecycle of an incident and common operating picture through seamless data integration. Our situational awareness products have been implemented across the USA, Europe, and South America. Our software is used to manage more than 20,000 incidents per year worldwide.

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25+ Years

Formed in 1997, we have a rich legacy of providing forest & wildfire products.

80+ Team Members

We have a dedicated, passionate team located all around the world.

2 Offices

With offices in La Jolla, CA & Leon, Spain we provide local expertise with a global reach.

11 Countries

Our products have been implemented operationally across the USA, Europe, and South America.

1,800+ Wildfire Validations

We have specifically validated simulations on over 1,800 large fires to constantly improve & refine our models.

30K+ Operational Simulations

Our software has allowed users to generate over 30,000 operational simulations on active fires since 2019.

20K+ Active Wildfire Incidents

Our software is used to manage more than 20,000 incidents per year enhancing daily decision making.

500M+ Daily Simulations

Over 500 million simulations are performed daily to generate our wildfire risk forecasting solutions.

Meet our leadership team


Bryan Spear

Bryan brings over 20 years of leadership in energy and technology sectors. He has a passion for the energy industry and is driven by leveraging innovative technologies and great people to solve big problems. He has received multiple awards, including the “2021 Global Power & Energy Elite”, and a “Top 50 Influencer in Asia’s Power and Electricity Sector”. As CEO of Technosylva, Bryan is responsible for driving strategic direction, and scaling the business to enable these critical solutions to help reduce and mitigate the impact of wildfires on a global basis.

President / CTO

Joaquin Ramirez

Joaquin is a wildland fire technologist who has been working for the last 30 years to bridge the gap between scientists and end users. He is the founder of Technosylva, Inc. and the creator of several of the most advanced fire behavior software model implementations and decision support systems for fire agencies and utilities, including the Wildfire Analyst and fiResponse software tools. Since 2011, he has helped coordinate the first European M.S. in Forest Fires (www.masterfuegoforestal.es), is a founder and active member of the Pau Costa Foundation, and is the current president of the International Association of Wildland Fire. Joaquin has a PhD in remote sensing and GIS at the University of Leon, an M.S. in forestry from the University of Lleida, and a B.S. in forest engineering from the Polytechnical University of Madrid, Spain.


David Buckley

Buck has over 35 years of experience in applying spatial modeling technology to operational solutions for forestry and wildfire management. He has served as Technosylva’s Vice President & COO since 2014. Much of this work has focused on the implementation, application, and integration of advanced wildfire modeling into business practices. This includes leading wildfire risk assessments for 30+ state agencies, as well as the implementation of advanced wildfire risk forecasting systems for numerous California investor-owned utilities, the State of California, and the California Public Utility Commission. Previously, Buck was the director of GIS solutions at various software and technology companies, beginning his GIS career with the Alberta, Canada, government. Buck has a M.A. in Geography from the University of Alberta, and a B.A. in Geography from York University, Canada.


Stephen Wideman

Stephen is a corporate finance & operations leader with over 25 years of wide-ranging corporate financial management, FP&A, treasury, investor relations, IT, supply chain and equity Programs experience including management of a $3BB foreign exchange program of over 15 currencies and execution of over $3BB in external financings as well as financial management responsibility of over $1BB portfolio of fixed-income assets and an emerging consumer products enterprise. Previously, Stephen was the CFO with Erickson; the VP of Finance with companies like FLIR Systems, Quicksilver, and Korn/Ferry International; and Treasurer with Quest and Matel. Stephen has a MBA in Corporate Finance from the University of Georgia and a B.S. in Economics and Business from Tuskegee University.

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Leon, Spain

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