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Your Guide to Wildfire Risk and Liability Exposure

This webinar discusses understanding current trends in wildfire behavior and their implications on risk and liability exposure, along with methodologies for risk assessment, mitigation strategies, and tools for real-time monitoring and response to wildfire threats.

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Duration: 1 hour

What Will You Learn?

This informative webinar, in collaboration with Utility Dive, explores the tactics utilized by leading electric utilities to forecast, mitigate, and respond to wildfire risks and the associated liability.

As wildfires continue to increase in frequency and severity, they present a significant threat to electric utilities infrastructure and communities. Electric utilities face a risk stemming from their infrastructure to trigger wildfires and the liabilities that come with that.

Electric utilities can adopt proactive measures, such as preemptive power shutdowns to minimize the risk of wildfires and safeguard the areas in their service territory as well as using solutions that can help assess assets for mitigation purposes. 

During the session, you will learn from Technosylva:

  • Insights into the latest trends and patterns in wildfire behavior, and their implications for risk and liability exposure
  • Methodologies for assessing wildfire risk and strategies for implementing effective mitigation measures
  • Tools and techniques for real-time monitoring and response to wildfire threats


David Buckley

Vice President and COO

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Scott Purdy

Meteorological Analyst

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