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Prevent Wildfire Risk

In addition to risk mitigation, customers track and predict real-time weather and wildfire risk to identify potential incidents, communicate to employees and customers, and take preventative action.
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De-Energization Events

Our platform provides daily wildfire risk forecasts to assess the potential impact on individual assets and the community. It does this by incorporating wildfire consequences into its risk forecasts. This information can then be used to identify and isolate high-risk circuits, which can help to reduce the impact of de-energization events on the community.

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EOC Activation or Engagement

Confidently activate or engage your Emergency Operations Center (EOC) when increased wildfire risk and extreme weather conditions arise within the forecast period.

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Crew Safety
and Field Operations

Optimize staff safety and reduce community impacts with daily situational awareness tools so you know when to change operation procedures or reposition field crews.

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Stakeholder and Public Notification

Consistent and accurate wildfire risk information enhances the ability to communicate risk to employees, staff in the field,  partners and stakeholders, and customers. Technosylva’s platform integrates multiple data sources into a single environment for sharing and communicating risk information on current and upcoming weather events.

Fire Agencies

Incident & Resource Management

Take action to reduce risk and enhance public and staff safety.

Our platform seamlessly integrates advanced fire spread prediction modeling with forecasted weather to determine where fires will spread from asset ignition sources and quantifies the impacts associated with those ignitions. When combined with real-time data describing the active fire environment, this platform provides comprehensive situational awareness of wildfire risk across your entire service territory for incident and resource management.

Tactical Analyst

A multi-platform COP for fire agencies that assimilates tactical data from the field in real-time with other relevant detection data sources with updating capabilities into the field even for disconnected situations.

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A suite of tools for managing emergency response to all hazard & wildfire incidents allowing multi-agency use with seamless synchronization and data between users, agencies and devices.

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