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Wildfire Solutions for Fire Agencies

Advanced tools to support your operational decision-making and improve wildfire intelligence.
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Advancing Operational
and Public Safety

Technosylva advances fire agency enterprise-wide incident & resource management tracking systems across the lifecycle of an incident and common operating picture through seamless data integration. Technosylva is the authoritative wildfire modeling platform used by CALFIRE and other fire agencies to predict, mitigate, and prevent wildfire risk.

The use of Technosylva’s platforms by leading fire agencies means the quality and continued impact of underlying wildfire risk models are continuously improved and proven in the field for the benefit of communities, structures, and the environment.

territory risk

Daily Wildfire Risk Forecasting

Our platform performs hundreds of millions of fire simulations daily to derive both current, and near-term risk forecasts for service territories and critical assets.  New forecasts are derived daily to provide accurate and timely analysis of possible wildfire events. This allows you to predict and identify areas and levels of concern focusing on potential impacts to gain critical insights into current and future weather and fire danger scenarios.

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Real-Time Spread Predictions

Quickly determine the path of a fire and calculate potential impacts to support proactive planning through “what-if” scenario analysis for pending weather events. Each simulation assesses the likelihood of the fire escaping initial attack based on the spread, growth, and suppression difficulty characteristics. This metric aids decision-makers in determining which fire is more of a concern and where resources may be prioritized based on the spread and damage potential.

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I really want to focus on our solution and our partnership with Technosylva, where we started, where we're at today. What the value is of this software and of this suite of products and how we integrate it on a daily basis into a lot of our operational decisions from the initial attack to the extended to the major attack incidents.

Phil SeLegueDeputy Chief of Intel, CAL FIRE

Situational Awareness in a Common Operating Picture

Technosylva’s platform brings together essential and leading-edge tools, such as advanced incident mapping, resource tracking, and field observations to give users a continuously updated overview of incident and agency resources from start to finish. This allows seamless integration of fire spread predictions and weather & risk forecasting to support intel and operations in a single environment.

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The whole picture, the situational awareness... So you're back at the command center. You're duty chief of your unit, you're at your GAC. What you're seeing is real-time spread predictions where those resources are tracking.

Phil SeLegueDeputy Chief of Intel, CAL FIRE

Worsening California Blazes Prompt New Calls for Innovations to Fight Fires Smarter

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[Technosylva's Platform] allows us to better utilize our resources and be more efficient and effective with our choice of resources and where we use them. Not only that, but it allows us to use our ground and our air assets more effectively by understanding where are the values at risk, where the population base is, and really has saved lives.

John HeggieBattalion chief, CAL FIRE

Incident Management with Seamless Synchronization

Technosylva’s platform is designed to support the entire lifecycle of an incident, delivering a common operating picture that allows multi-agency use with seamless synchronization and data sharing between different users, agencies, and devices through multiple platforms. The core capabilities of Technosylva provide incident management, resource management, & real-time resource tracking to support operational activities.

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Gaining the Advantage in the Field

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  • Daily wildfire risk and weather forecasts
  • Fire spread predictions with impact analysis and initial attack assessment
  • Resource tracking and management
  • Assimilate real-time tactical data from the field

Fuel Treatments

Incident Data Management

  • Full incident life cycle management platform
  • Resource tracking and incident management
  • Full IRWIN Integration
  • Post-event ICS, fire reporting, and suppression billing

Prescribed Burn

Technosylva Works with USFS to Improve Situational Awareness for Wildland Firefighters


WildfireSAFE is designed to increase firefighter & fire manager situation awareness and enhance risk mitigation planning in wildland fire operations. It supports the greater interagency fire community in the planning, response, and recovery phases of wildfire management. By integrating with federal incident management systems, it provide an intuitive way of viewing WFAS data for specific incidents across the nation.

Over 60 percent of firefighter entrapment fatalities have historically occurred on only 3 percent of fire weather days. Being better able to predict these days in advance means that fire crews might adjust their strategies and tactics.

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Missoula FireLab & WindNinja

WindNinja is a powerful tool for predicting wind fields in complex terrain and has been developed so field going personnel can benefit from these high resolution wind forecasts on their phones and tablets. This tool provides improved capability to identify areas where local winds may either increase fire behavior or not influence fire. This information helps fire personnel to make better fire management decisions.

Technosylva’s drive to operationalize wildfire science and improve wildland firefighter safety made it the first commercial company to have a joint venture agreement with the USFS Missoula Fire Lab (5 years).

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Validating the Models in the Field to Ensure a Continuous Loop of Improvements

The use of Technosylva’s platforms by leading fire agencies means the quality and continued impact of underlying wildfire risk models are continuously improved and proven in the field for the benefit of customers across the wildfire world.

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What Needs to be Validated?

Fuels, fire behavior, forecasted risk, anticipated consequence and impacts.

Why is Validation Important?

Testing models against reality and observation data to make sure they are accurate and performing so they can be refined and improved.

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