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Comprehensive Wildfire Risk Mitigation Platform

Predict, Mitigate, and Prevent Your Evolving Wildfire Risk.

Used by customers to manage over 20,000 fire incidents a year, with over 500 million daily wildfire simulations performed to inform their risk mitigation solutions and responses.

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Identify Your Wildfire Risk

Monitor & forecast your weather and wildfire risk scenarios through the integration of diverse, high-resolution, high-quality data sources including advanced weather and fuel moisture prediction systems.

Generate real-time wildfire spread predictions and calculate potential impacts to support your wildfire risk operations.

Predict Risk

Quantify Your
Wildfire Risk

Determine which assets are most likely to fail, have an outage, and cause an ignition to calculate potential risk reduction for asset hardening projects.

Impact and Consequence Analysis to identify where, when, what, and who will be impacted.

Mitigate Risk
An Executive Report

Understanding Electric Utility Wildfire Risk and Liability Exposure

Download this executive report to gain a better understanding of you risk exposure and mitigation best practices to reduce wildfire impact.

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Leverage Data-Driven Decision-Making

Our platform helps you make informed decisions about your operations,
proactive risk management, and risk mitigation.

  • Asset-Hardening Prioritization
  • Vegetation Management
  • De-Energization Events
  • Crew & Field Operations Safety
  • Incident & Resource Management
Prevent Risk

Enhance Public
and Staff Safety

Real-time incident management capabilities for incident & resource management, real-time resource tracking, and post-incident reporting to enhance situational awareness & support operational activities.

Respond To Incidents

An Integration Hub to View Data from Multiple Sources

Our platform serves as an integration hub providing a single environment to view and query intel and operations data, from weather, risk, detection, UAV, aerial, and remote sensing information data to resource tracking and tactical field observations to additional disparate data sources.

We understand the critical importance of keeping proprietary data secure and protected. Our ISO 27001 Cyber Security Certification ensures that all your data is secure and used in strict confidence.

Backed by Validated Science and Field-Tested

In conjunction with leading fire agencies and wildland fire labs, we vigorously test the validity of forecasting wildfire risk and spread predictions in real-world applications. We have specifically validated simulations on over 1,800 large active fires to constantly improve & refine our models. In 2020 and 2021 alone, we participated in over 30 peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals as well.

Our platform is also used to run over 500M daily simulations and to manage over 20,000 active wildfire incidents a year.

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Advanced High-Resolution Weather Forecast Models

Our platform integrates Atmospheric Data Solution’s (ADS) high resolution weather forecast products. Their weather modeling and wildfire vegetation moisture forecast solutions are driven by high quality atmospheric data. This enables the predicting of high temperatures and windspeeds, and low vegetation moisture models providing the actionable information needed to quickly address and mitigate risk for severe weather events.

  • Short & Long Term Weather forecasting
  • Wildfire Fuel Forecasting
  • Future & Historical Climate Data & analysis
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