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Wildfire Analyst™

Advanced tools to support your operational decision-making with a comprehensive wildfire risk solution.


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The Most Comprehensive Wildfire Risk Solution.

Everything you need for real-time wildfire risk forecasting, wildfire spread predictions, wildland fire behavior analysis, and risk mitigation planning in one platform.

Wildfire Analyst™ is a cloud-based SaaS offering that provides on-demand wildfire spread prediction capabilities to support operational response, what-if scenario analysis, and wildfire risk forecasting.  The integration with advanced weather prediction data affords the development of hourly risk forecasts up to five days in advance.

Millions of wildfire spread simulations are conducted daily to derive accurate risk metrics reflecting where fires will spread and the possible impacts from those fires. The spread simulations derive potential impacts providing the baseline for consequence analysis and operational decision making. 

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Core Applications


Predict wildfire risk days in advance through the integration of advanced weather and fuel moisture prediction systems.

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On-demand spread predictions of wildfire in response to active incidents, or to support proactive planning through “what if” scenarios.

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Quantify your risk from each asset and calculate potential risk reduction for asset hardening.

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Technosylva customers include leaders such as:

Why is Wildfire Analyst™ the Ideal Solution for You?

Working closely with the leading wildfire management agencies, electric utilities and private industry customers, Technosylva has successfully developed and implemented a suite of wildfire analysis products that are specifically designed to meet the needs of operational response and mitigation planning.

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Proactive Risk Forecasting

Predict wildfire risk days in advance to support operational decision making for de-energization, setting readiness levels, EOC activation and resource allocation.

Wildfire Risk Mitigation

Quantifying asset and territory risk to inform on the most effective mitigation and asset hardening options.

Wildfire Spread Predictions

On-demand spread predictions in response to active incidents, and proactive planning through “what if” scenario analysis for pending weather events.

Impact & Consequence Analysis

Understanding the potential impacts and consequences of a wildfire is essential to support operational decision making, resource prioritization, and proactive planning.

Seamless Data Integration

WFA serves as an integration hub providing a single environment for integrating real-time tracking, detection, weather and risk data, models and technologies with no user interaction.

Scalable for Your Organization

Our deployment model accommodates implementation based on the size of the company, number of users, extent of assets, and service territory area.

The Authoritative Wildfire Risk Solution

Trusted. Proven. Reliable.

Wildfire Analyst™ is used by CAL FIRE and electric utility companies across the Western US and is their authoritative wildfire modeling platform. CAL FIRE selected Wildfire Analyst alone from more than 130 submissions to their Request for Innovative Ideas initiative. WFA has been battle tested since 2017 in California with more than 30 billion simulations conducted. It provides the definitive data source for FMAG and PSPS decision making in the state.

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Technosylva has been a tremendous partner for PG&E to enable unparalleled capabilities in understanding and predicting potential catastrophic wildfire risk associated with our electric system. Their solutions leverage best in class remote sensing technology for data capture and machine learning analytics to operationalize hourly, daily and long-term decision-making related to the unprecedented wildfire risk and supporting PG&E’s unwavering mission of ensuring the safety of our customers and our communities that we are privileged to serve.

Sumeet SinghExecutive Vice President

Integrates your data to support your intel and operations in a single solution.

Seamless integration of disparate, yet key data sources, is essential to support wildfire operations. WFA serves as an integration hub providing a single environment to view and query intel and operations data, from weather, detection, UAV, aerial, and remote sensing information to resource tracking and tactical field observations.

Our solution architecture leverages the latest in cloud-based computing with client-side applications to minimize implementation timelines and complexity. This approach also ensures a secure platform where proprietary data is protected and safe. Technosylva understands the critical importance of keep proprietary data secure and protected. Our ISO 27001 Cyber Security Certification ensures that all your data is secure and used in strict confidence.

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