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Tactical Analyst™

Assimilate your data from multiple sources in real-time into a multi-platform Next Gen COP that provides comprehensive situational awareness, predictive analytics, and incident management.

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Providing situational awareness of an incident from start to finish

Everything you need for collecting and viewing real-time data in one platform.

Tactical Analyst™ is a multi-platform common operational picture that assimilates tactical data from the field in real-time with other relevant detection data sources. Advanced incident mapping and editing functionality extends capabilities into the field even for disconnected situations.

The platform brings together essential and leading-edge tools such as advanced incident mapping, resource tracking, and field observations to give users a continuously updated overview of an incident and agency resources from start to finish. Integration with the Wildfire Analyst™ software facilitates seamless integration of fire spread predictions and weather & risk forecasting to support intel and operations in a single environment.

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Seamless integration of your data & services

Seamless integration of disparate, yet key data sources is essential to support wildfire operations. This is why data integration and assimilation is at the heart of Tactical Analyst™.

Tactical Analyst provides a centralized map-based environment to view key disparate data sources including IR mapping, real-time and predicted weather, FireGuard affected areas, WFA fire spread predictions, WFA 100+ hour risk forecasts, real-time resource tracking, tactical field mapping & observations and more.

Integration with the Wildfire Analyst™ Enterprise software facilitates seamless integration of fire spread predictions and weather & risk forecasting to support intel and operations in a single environment.

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Why choose Tactical Analyst™ as your common operational picture?

Tactical Analyst was selected by CAL FIRE along with Wildfire Analyst™ as the authoritative wildfire system for the State of California.
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Real-Time Incident and Resource Location Tracking

IRWIN and CAD integration supports real-time updating of incident status with resource location tracking for comprehensive situational awareness – on both web and mobile platforms.

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Mobile Field Data Collection & Integration

Disconnected editing and data collection with TA Mobile is seamlessly integrated into the COP web environment. Data is seamlessly synchronized between users on the web and mobile platforms to facilitate integration of tactical data with planning information. Data is shared with a click of a button with other operational staff readily through the integrated web environment.

No redundancy of data, no loss of information.

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WFA-E Risk & Weather Forecasts

Integration with Wildfire Analyst™ weather prediction and risk forecasting data provides advanced information to support proactive design making.

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Fire Spread Predictions

On-demand fire spread predictions from Wildfire Analyst™ are seamlessly integrated for every incident, including FMAG preparation tools. Simulation reports can also be downloaded for a selected fire spread prediction on both web and mobile platforms.

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Live Data Feed Integration

Integration of live data feeds for weather and aerial/UAV sources including integrated video and map editing capabilities.

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Additional features that make Tactical Analyst™ the right solution for you

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Collaboration Boards

Multiple user-defined boards to support map augmentation and collaboration within
agency groups.

Impact Analysis Tool

View population and building information for a user defined area to determine potential impacts from an incident.

Create Incidents

In addition to CAD integration, incidents can be created inside TA to support multi hazard incident management.

Quickmaps & Bookmarks

Save map views and layer presets and locations to quickly change your view based on operational needs.

Map Products

Generate simple or advanced PDF maps for an incident including IAP, Briefing and Ops maps.

Pin Incidents & Resources

“Pin” incidents and resources of interest to quickly find and focus them on the map.

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