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Technosylva’s wildfire risk modeling gets a boost from space.  The company’s innovative approach in leveraging NASA satellite data is featured by NASA in its 2024 Spinoff report, highlighting how space technology tackles real-world challenges. That view from space provides companies like Technosylva with the valuable data needed to confront some of Earth’s greatest challenges.

Public-private partnership in action. This 20-year data collaboration between Technosylva and NASA is a prime example of how government and industry can join forces. Joaquin Ramirez, Technosylva’s President & CTO, said that this is the, “Perfect example of how to work as technologists, bringing the good scientific data to the operational tools.” This work advances the operations for leading wildfire agencies and electric utilities alike.

nasa technosylva article preview

Space data = smarter firefighting. “NASA provides us with the intelligence and data needed to advance wildfire science,” Ramirez explains. “Thanks to their observations of wildfire and the connection with our fire modeling and science, we can make new models and improve the actual fire behavior models to advance understanding in other places like Europe, Canada, and South America. Previously, that ability did not exist and now, thanks to hotspot data, for instance, we can address the evolving wildfire risks.”

The future of wildfire management. Technosylva’s use of NASA tech isn’t just about today’s fires. It’s about building a robust wildfire risk modeling roadmap for the future.  Climate change is intensifying wildfires, making access to accurate, real-time data critical for prevention and mitigation.

Want to learn more?  See how Technosylva puts NASA satellite data into action and how leading wildfire agencies and electric utilities are leveraging this science on the ground.