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Understanding potential consequence from asset ignited wildfires: it’s more than just ignition modeling.


Simply knowing the probability of a wildfire across an electric company’s service area does not explain what the possible consequences are – including the possible liability – from an asset-caused ignition. Energy companies in the United States are facing a growing challenge of reducing wildfire risk while ensuring reliable operations. To achieve this, their managers need sophisticated risk modeling that can help them quantify both the probability and consequence of asset-caused ignitions to ensure they are providing the best operations and mitigation decision-making. 

Technosylva’s COO, David Buckley, explained in a Utility Dive article that if you can’t explain the consequences of one asset-caused wildfire over another, you can’t properly plan for your risk, or ensure the safety of the communities you serve. Yet, how does understanding the consequences of an ignition help in mitigating risk? It allows for a historical assessment of the probability of wildfire ignitions at specific asset points and the potential impacts they could have. This information is crucial in making informed decisions on which mitigation measures to implement. Additionally, by integrating advanced fire spread prediction modeling with weather forecasts, utilities can determine where fires are most likely to spread from asset ignition sources and the potential consequences. 

Buckley also stresses the importance for risk managers to differentiate between ignition and risk, meaning that not all wildfire ignitions pose the same level of risk. By understanding the different severity of potential fires, electric companies can identify which assets are most at risk and prioritize them for hardening. This requires a longer-term view, utilizing weather and landscape data over several years to accurately assess the consistent liabilities to properly define consequences across their network.

Understanding potential consequence from asset ignited wildfires: it’s more than just ignition modeli

Learn how you can predict, mitigate, and prevent your evolving wildfire risk and additionally, how Technosylva solutions provide leading electric utilities with increased risk management, operations, asset mitigation, emergency planning, regulatory compliance, and improved public safety. 

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