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LA JOLLA, CA, and LEON, SPAIN, July 18, 2023 – Technosylva Inc., the leading wildfire science and technology company, was recognized during a recent press conference by California Governor Gavin Newsom, as an important component in the state’s newly signed $2.7 Billion investment over 4 years in wildfire prevention, response, and technology integrations.

In discussing the state’s innovations and commitments, Governor Newsom noted that the issue of climate change requires a different approach, as old approaches and models of the past are no longer effective.

According to the Governor, “Technosylva, an AI generated predictive modeling platform, has been a game changer for us.”

California is one of the most fire-prone states in the nation and it has been experiencing an increasing number of large and destructive wildfires in recent years. After an exhaustive search of potential technologies and approach, California selected Technosylva and the company has played a valuable role in helping the state of California manage wildfire risk and response since 2019.

The new investments signed by Governor Newsom builds on previous year commitments with new funding to procure additional technology tools for resources and response. It additionally supports wildfire first responder pay and stands up a new program advancing LIDAR remote sensing to map over 30 million acres across the state. Such landscape and vegetation data will integrate into Technosylva’s platform to better understand and manage wildfire risk.

CAL FIRE Director and Fire Chief Joe Tyler, explained that specific new investments will permit them to achieve their goal of mapping the entire state through LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology,  “We take that LIDAR information and look at uses by our suppliers . . .[like] Technosylva that provide wildfire analyst opportunities for us to be able to better understand and predict the modeling of fires,” said Chief Tyler.

“We agree with Governor Newsom’s assessment that climate change requires a different approach, and are proud to have our technology recognized for its impact and its importance to the future of wildfire management,” said Bryan Spear, CEO of Technosylva. “We are committed to continuing to innovate with our fire agency and electric utility customers to help reduce wildfire risk and protect lives and property.”

Technosylva’s wildfire forecasting and simulation modeling platform has been used operationally by fire agencies and electric utilities for over 30,000 wildfire incidents.

About Technosylva

Technosylva is a leading wildfire science and technology company specializing in SaaS solutions for wildfire protection planning, risk analysis, simulation modeling, and operational response. Technosylva’s solutions, including Wildfire Analyst™, fiResponse™ and Tactical Analyst™, integrate wildfire modeling software into business operations to meet the specific requirements of fire management agencies, electric utility and energy companies, and commercial customers. Founded in 1997, Technosylva has offices in La Jolla, California and Leon, Spain, with more than 80 employees globally. Learn more at



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