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Wildfire Public Safety Initiative includes industry education, commitment to wildfire science advances, and increased platform investments.

Acquisition of ADS will help Technosylva’s electric utility customers understand their wildfire risk and mitigate incidents.

La Jolla, CA and Leon, Spain, October 11, 2023 – Technosylva, the leading provider of wildfire mitigation technology solutions, today announced the acquisition of Atmospheric Data Solutions (ADS). The acquisition comes as Technosylva launches a wider ‘wildfire public safety initiative’ to help prevent the destructive and increasingly common occurrence of wildfires in multiple geographies including the United States.

ADS is a leading provider of advanced atmospheric data and analytics solutions to U.S. and European utilities, government agencies, and businesses. Both Technosylva and ADS have successfully partnered in the past to serve clients such as San Diego Gas and Electric, Pacific Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison, and PacifiCorp in California.

The acquisition of ADS is a significant milestone for Technosylva. It will enable the company to further enhance its wildfire risk mitigation and management platform and demonstrate its commitment to providing its customers with the best possible wildfire science and technology solutions.

We are excited to incorporate the ADS team into our business. Its advanced high-impact weather and wildfire data and analytics are a perfect complement to our wildfire science and technology solutions and we’re confident that this acquisition will allow us to further innovate and develop additional wildfire risk mitigation solutions for our customers.

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The acquisition is part of Technosylva’s broader commitment to wildfire public safety, which includes initiatives such as:

  • Industry education to help electric utility companies understand wildfire risk within their service territories, including the publication of a new report, “Understanding Electric Utility Wildfire Risk and Public Safety,” to help utilities better understand both their public safety exposure presented by wildfire and the best demonstrated mitigation practices to reduce wildfire impact.
  • Increased investment in data and platform capabilities to improve the ability to predict fire threats and understand fire behavior. This will enable electric utilities to make better decisions about wildfire mitigation, such as prioritizing vegetation and asset hardening to make the biggest impacts on risk reduction.
  • Continued investments in advancing the science of wildfire mitigation and helping to protect communities by working with leading fire agencies to develop and improve wildfire science.

Working with leading fire agencies to share knowledge and best practices, including hosting workshops and trainings on wildfire mitigation and prevention.

We are committed to helping protect communities from wildfires,” added Joaquin Ramirez, President and CTO of Technosylva. “Building upon our already successful partnership with ADS and expanding our comprehensive wildfire public safety initiative are crucial. By combining the expertise of world-class fire weather and fire risk scientific teams, we take significant steps toward achieving this goal.

“We are thrilled to break new ground by combining ADS’s fire weather expertise with the advanced wildfire modeling and science of Technosylva,” concluded Scott Capps, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Principal Atmospheric Scientist at ADS. “We are confident that our atmospheric data and analytics capabilities will be a valuable addition to Technosylva’s leading wildfire science and technology. Together, we can help our customers better protect their communities and assets from wildfires.”

About Technosylva

Technosylva is the leading wildfire science and technology company that operationalizes wildfire science providing proven wildfire risk analysis solutions to enhance daily decision making for fire agencies and electric utilities. Technosylva’s solutions, including Wildfire Analyst, fiResponse, and Tactical Analyst, integrate wildfire modeling software into business operations to meet the specific requirements of fire management agencies and electric utilities. Founded in 1997, Technosylva has offices in La Jolla, CA, and León, Spain.

About Atmospheric Data Solutions, LLC

Atmospheric Data Solutions, LLC (ADS) develops, implements, and supports validated forecast solutions that help public and private agencies mitigate and manage risk from high-impact weather and wildfires. The ADS products are powered by innovative and unique applications of high-performance computing, high-resolution numerical weather, and machine learning modeling. ADS currently services investor-owned utilities across the western United States, providing territory-wide weather and wildfire potential forecast solutions, month- and season-ahead outlooks, and historical weather data construction and analytics. Founded in 2015, ADS helped pioneer the first operational high-impact weather and wildfire potential forecast applications at California utilities.



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