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We've been using artificial intelligence already. And in fact, in 2019, we introduced our wildfire spread model. That's the Technosylva platform that helps us forecast where our highest risks are and what a wildfire spread might look like. We operationalized that artificial intelligence in 2021. And we've been utilizing that routinely. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Patricia Kessler Poppe, CEO & Director, PG&E

On PG&E’s second quarter 2023 earnings release call, they were asked about their leveraging of technology to address risk.

Question Posed by Ryan Michael Levine Citigroup Inc., Research Division

“And then on the heels of the Innovation Summit, curious your latest thinking about how artificial intelligence could impact your business, both from a cost, capital or risk standpoint going forward and what work streams do you have to incorporate that?

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