Xcel Energy

How Xcel Energy is Using Wildfire Modeling


Xcel Energy uses Technosylva to advance their wildfire risk spread modeling capabilities, enabling them to estimate potential wildfire spread scenarios and impacts to customers and assets. Technosylva’s platform is helping Xcel to develop and define the criteria for when to consider the under-grounding of transmission and distribution lines.

  • 50% decrease in downed wires within wildfire risk zones from 2021 to 2022
  • 50% reduction in the number of ignitions within wildfire risk zones from 2021 to 2022

Modeling Wildfire Consequence

Fire Spread Modeling

Xcel recently implemented wildfire risk spread modeling software and is using it to further refine and identify the key areas to focus wildfire mitigation efforts.

The implementation of Technosylva’s industry-leading wildfire spread modeling software enabled the Xcel to generate millions of simulations to estimate potential wildfire spread scenarios under varying fire weather conditions. These simulations also estimated the potential consequences of an ignition for specific assets.

Situational Awareness

Xcel also uses Technosylva to improve situational awareness through the integration of various sources of wildfire notifications from IRWIN and FireGuard.

FireGuard utilizes advanced satellite technology to detect and then send alerts of probable fire activity based on sensing areas of increased heat.

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