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How Liberty is Reducing Asset Ignited Wildfire


Liberty uses Technosylva to improve their ability to identify and respond to potential ignition threats. In addition, Liberty is utilizing Technosylva’s platform to support grid infrastructure hardening and resiliency to extreme weather conditions.

Liberty is taking actions to reduce the possibility of asset ignited wildfires through:

  • Vegetation management, which aims to eliminate combustible fuel under and around power lines.
  • Infrastructure hardening, or upgrading, and/or replacing infrastructure that could potentially cause a spark or ignition.
  • Public Safety Power Shutoffs, which are implemented when weather conditions become an extreme fire risk, and shutting power off to some or all of the electrical grid is deemed a necessary precaution to prevent a fire start.

Modeling Wildfire Consequence

In their drive for year-over-year continuous improvement, Liberty sought to improve upon the fact that wildfire risk assessments are only performed once a year for their WMP filing.

In late January 2023, Liberty executed an agreement with Technosylva to provide wildfire risk analytics utilizing its wildfire risk reduction model. The Technosylva data results are processed, analyzed, and modeled for various scenarios and risk reduction interventions that are both temporal and spatial to better understand and mitigate wildfire risk.

Improve Data-Driven Decision making

To improve its risk analysis capabilities, Liberty set an objective over the 2023-2025 WMP cycle to improve its risk-based decision-making framework using risk models and analyses.

This includes the Technosylva Wildfire Risk Mitigation Platform to target areas for pole replacement, grid hardening, and other mitigation measures, including PSPS.

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